STEP College

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AboutThe Project

STEP is the largest entry test preparation network in Pakistan that caters to the need of students to cross the mandatory criteria of merit in order to score admission in professional institutions. It is the most credible network that specializes in entrance exam preparations and exclusively focuses on mentoring students so they can achieve their goals.

The Strategical and Tactical Entry test Preparation program has established a Student Advisory and Counseling Department that offers a 24 hour service to all in need of information or requiring guidance regarding career decisions. STEP has a regular system to announce important admission dates and deadlines on their digital platforms regarding all the institutions and entrance tests.

Tower Technologies shares a bond of faith with STEP ever since it has been launched. Our team was entrusted with STEP’s launch campaign in the market and it was the perfect website theme proposed by our web designers that led to the formation of a long lasting relationship.

STEP entrusted us with the content creation and representation on their website. We have been proudly managing STEP’s social media channels and carrying out all their campaigns through Social Media Marketing (SMM).  With the regular admission announcements, HEC announcements, UHS announcements, changing entry test dates and rules, STEP demands a consistent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan.  We at Tower Technologies maintain the regular content update and website changes that are required with everyday changing trends.