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AboutThe Project

Tourist Assistance Program (TAP) is a project of Akhuwat Foundation that aims to promote tourism in Gilgit Baltistan. It is a grand venture that offers support to many families residing in that area. The project works as an economic boast and promotes tourism in Pakistan by facilitating tourists with the easy and convenient travel experience.

TAP is tourism based project thus it requires a website that can accommodate all the available BnB’s and their portfolios so the interested people can take a look at them and choose where they would want to stay. The site needs to allow them to create a travel plan that is the most suitable to their needs by narrowing down the search options.

Tower Technologies came up with a smart website layout that managed to keep in place all the necessary information along with the fast and efficient search options that are user friendly and promise an engaging user experience. TAP is also one of our trusted partners that have entrusted us with the planning and execution of their online presence since the inception of their project.

We have created a comprehensive website for the tourists from all over the world to use and get benefited from by allowing them a glimpse into all the beautiful houses and rooms they could stay in and enjoy the hospitality of our beautiful people. The content has been made minimal yet engaging, the social media channels are being regularly maintained and SEO for the website remains ongoing under the supervision of our expert teams at Tower Technologies.